Start Your New Career In Welding!

High Demand

Interested in pursuing a career in an industry that has a high demand for skilled workers? The need for welders will continue to grow 26% by year 2020. Welding does not require a college degree. You will become proficient in various types of welding in as little as 10 weeks in our level I Welding Fundamentals Course.  There is also our level II Advanced welding option that will cover more in-depth welding training that will be a separate 10 week course.

Skill Building

We offer both a welding fundamentals course and an advanced welding course. The WELDING FUNDAMENTALS course utilizes both classroom work and hands-on shop experience and is geared towards individuals who have little to no experience with welding. Our welding fundamentals course is a comprehensive introduction to the welding industry.

Along with classroom work and hands on shop experience; our ADVANCED WELDING course puts a heavy emphasis on blueprint reading, welding symbols, both structural and pipe welding. Students will also learn basic CNC/CAD/CAM operations on our plasma table. Advanced welding students are also given an opporunity to test and gain qualification in various welding processes and positions. All welding training will be in accordance with established standards  and specifications set by the AMERICAN WELDING SOCIETY.


All students are provided with hand tools and personal protective equipment ( welding helmet, jacket, gloves and steel toed boots ). Students may keep their equipment and tools upon successful completion of the welding course.


Your career is waiting!

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